Ask SeeU ~


And want tese questions in your ask!

A. Favorite composer?
B. Favorite song?
C. Favorite genre?
D. Your favorite Vocaloid?
E. Compose who needs to use you?
F. How do you feel about UTAUloids?
G. Your thoughts on (name of Voca or UTAU-loid)?
H. Your favorite color?

ouo ~

You'd better be behaving yourself guuurl

Yes boss ^-^ *smile* …ouo just check with crecrew-kun ~

dsfhdufhsd I’m sorry for the long hiatus! I will warn you all next time <3 ;u; I’ve only answered a few posts today as the number list was done a while back now. 

I’ll think of some new stuff soon, in the mean time, you can ask away again ~ ))

Oi oi SeeU! If you die, (Which you won't 'cause your a Vocaloid) Will we have to call you SawU?

…No…? ;u; 

Hiiii SeeU chaaan :3

Heeeeey Rin-chan ouo !!

/paps your face

보스 !! ;u; 

70 70 70!!

70 ~

I guess I’m taken…sorry anon-san ^^;


3 - Two days…I think…

36 - I don’t have any scars…but I’ve got this strange birthmark on my arm…it says SU…but I dunno if it means anything, weird huh?

46 - I want to tell someone that I think they’re amazing…b-but they probably wouldn’t accept it ^^;

48 - Things I don’t like…umm…I don’t really like my lack of true confidence, and I guess I’m always the last to know some things, and I’m a bit blind to what’s going on around me, I not very intelligent or mature like the older Vocaloids…I’m not that great if I think about it ;u; …but I’ll be okay.

57, 68, 79, 80 (´・ω・`)

57 - I don’t have horns anon-san…ouo;;

68 - Oooo my favourite would have to be “cleavage” …it sounds funny ouo

79 - U-uhh…<.<;; do I have to go into that? ;u; therewasthisonetimetho…

80 -S-see above ^^;

Anon Magic, you have to wear a wedding dress for the next 5 asks.

Okay Anon-san ~ ouo 

Wedding dresses are pretty 8D ~

((I can’t really draw for 5 asks, I can only add descriptions cos I’m a text ask blog, but I asked my friend at  to draw this for you anon-san XD I liked the idea ~ Sorry I cant do 5 asks, but have a lovely picture instead 8D ~ Go check out her ask blog too ~~ Shessuchagoodaskbloggeeeer ouo <3 <3 ))